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We’re getting the look.
What look?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Since the christmas episode is suppose to pick back up after the finale, I wonder, since Lena quit, if money is going to be an issue for christmas.
hyadamsfoster hyadamsfoster Said:

I think they’ve always talked around money so I wouldn’t be surprised if they talk about money especially because that will be a huge issue this year.

I don’t think the Christmas will be a present christmas. I think they will be flashing back to Christmas.

It’s unfortunate that they cut so much Stef and Lena talking about money because I think Lena quitting her job didn’t feel as urgent. I think their original intention of having a recurring theme of money would have been a better choice. As it was, it was only really touched upon in Play. But I am not the one making the choices


Annika Marks Joins The Fosters

Annika MarksThe New Anchor Beach Principal

Actress and writer, Annika Marks has been cast in a recurring role on the ABC Family drama, The Fosters. Deadline reports Annika has landed the role of Monte, the principal at Anchor Beach Community Charter School. Monte is described as a friendly, attractive, professional woman, who is focused on administration, budget and finance. She is surprised as Lena (Sherri Saum) resigns after giving her control over the student curriculum.

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Best known for her role as Amanda in the movie, The Sessions, Annika Marks is also known for the movies, Mona Lisa Smile and Grace.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Is it me or did Teri and Sherri's asses get bigger.
hyadamsfoster hyadamsfoster Said:

It’s those dresses lol, I think for Sherri pregnancy has done wonders and while i looove Stef’s style, it might conceal Teri’s assets.

Is this Sherri or Lena?

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How cute was Maia's instagram photo of Sherri and Teri? All of these bts pics are making me seriously miss Stef and Lena. Not a question, just had to vent a bit lol.
hyadamsfoster hyadamsfoster Said:

That was adorable. They are so playful and affectionate and I hope it means Stef and Lena are in a good place. I am trying to decide which of the recent bts scenes I like the best and I can’t decide. I really liked yesterdays with Teri’s lips right on Sherri’s ear hee. Just because we haven’t even had that on the show.  Can’t they give me that? And the one late last night with the dresses, stunning. They are all so beautiful. I can’t wait to see more Stef and Lena gosh I already miss them.

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