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Love them! #thefosters

You’re a piece of work but you’re my piece of work. 

You’re a piece of work but you’re my piece of work. 

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Teri I love you!
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
What do you think about Teri's tweets today. Too funny
hyadamsfoster hyadamsfoster Said:

The gyno ones? She’s so funny and I love that she always references Stef and Lena.

The two of them defending each other from imaginary enemies yesterday was precious. I’ve missed Teri on twitter but she’s home now :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
your fanfiction stories are remarkable, especially I love the way how you write this hot, sexy, romantic maybe a little dirty Stef&Lena scenes... did you ever think about writing few-chapter story "for adults only" ? no drama, no about problems with teenagers, but something like 7-days honeymoon day-by-day chapter? this could be amazing, especially if YOU write this... how do you think?
hyadamsfoster hyadamsfoster Said:

yikes, nothing like buttering me up to really consider a suggestion. Thank you. I find this intriguing. Hmm… and yes I can’t help it, when I start writing Stef and Lena I actually have to force myself to not write smut if the scene doesn’t call for it. Then, I intend it to be all romantic and it ends up dirty. Multi-chapter smut.. hmm, I need some plot. I will think about this.


jajajaja This video is soooooo funny!


  1. They hide her behind Hayden (Jude)image
  2. They only shot her from the around the breast area up.image
  3. They made her walk behind Teriimage
  4. They sit her behind the kitchen table with a well place Salad bowlimage

  5. They made her hug a cushionimage
  6. They sit her at the coffee table with a laptop on the wayimage
  7. They have her hugging random sheetsimage
  8. They lay her on the bed with a pillow in front of herimage

  9. They let her lay in a bubble bathimage
  10. They have her making out with a half naked Teri Poloimage
  11. They have her holding the biggest purse in human historyimage
  12. They hide her behind a massive pile of boxesimage

  13. They have her sat cross legged reading a box with a cushion on her kneeimage
  14. They have her stood behind a kayakimage
  15. They have her hugging Stef’s pillow when she doesn’t get the job she wantedimage
  16. They gave her the biggest breakfast they could fineimage

  17. –they gave her a kitchen towel.image
  18. They gave her a little den on the bed.image
  19. They sat her at a picnic table.image
  20. They had her sit with her knees upimage

  21. They sat her behind a bed tableimage
  22. They lay a fully clothed Teri next to herimage
  23. They have her hugging a pillow while playing a board game.image
  24. They sat her behind a massive pile of stuff that would never be on their coffee table as it usual as their feet on it.image

  25. They have her on skype. image